Betsy Mathas - Adjunct Teacher Ceramics

Want kids to be engaged in school? Take care of their basic needs and teach them to express themselves with art. That’s the advice of Betsy Mathas, who has been an artist for forty years. “Students must have their basic needs met first, before you can teach,” explains the former attendance officer. “If someone doesn’t have food or a comfortable place to sleep, how can they perform in school?” Betsy believes that art teaches children to learn trust through failure. “You don’t have to be perfect. Failure leads to success.” Betsy points with pride that most of her students have no art background. “To see them express themselves and discover their personal talent, it just makes my day,” adds Betsy. She works primarily with high school students with jewelry making and all types of ceramics, but also coaches elementary teachers in working work with clay. “Building self-confidence, that is a huge part of my teaching. Children finding out who they are is  the key to their future success.” PREPARATION: Studied art and journalism at Humboldt State University and College of the Redwoods in the 80’s. Attendance Officer for 11 years in Jackson County, alternative education instructor, and active sculptor for four decades. Oregon Registered Teacher