Rini Gorman - Adjunct Teacher Drawing,Painting and Crafts

In addition to offering students the opportunity to play sports (everyone plays), artistic expression is also part of the school’s philosophy of educating the whole child. Rini provides this opportunity to all students in grades 8 through 12. “I get to be with students and make art. To me, it’s the best,” states Rini. She adds that as a young girl she didn’t get much help in school with art, so she loves teaching it. “I get excited every day to see my students grow, get better, and learn about themselves through our projects.” As one of the youngest teachers on staff, she thinks positive discipline really works. “I think it is wonderful. We hold students accountable, but we listen to them and learn the best ways we can to build successful adults.” Rini, like all Butte Fall’s teachers, agrees that a small school is like a family, everyone has a voice. “Everyone is a friend. Everyone gets more one-on-one time, too.” PREPARATION: Attended Rogue Community College and the University of Oregon. Involved in drawing, painting and crafts ever since she was a little girl growing in Butte Falls. Oregon Registered Teacher